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kin·fare - solving for food waste in urban centers

  • At MASSART, our group of four (4) solved for food waste management in urban centers.  Brainstorming, I generated the idea to create modern, mobile kitchens in tour buses. Each mobile kitchen tour bus has four micro kitchens, each one built for two people to pull out their shelf of ingredients and prepare a meal together. After the two follow through with their dinner recipe, they move to the seating area at the front of the tour bus to enjoy a face-to-face, sit-down meal together--no strings attached.


  • Users connect through an online platform, allowing them to select their dietary preferences, gender to cook with, and the location of the mobile kitchen in their city.


Below are the Final Concept slides including kin·fare defined, a mobile kitchen mock-up, the design criteria, and future pathways.


To view the full kin·fare slide deck, including our Research & Process, click here


Materials: digital platform, Photoshop, PowerPoint

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