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Product Design - Computer Mouse


Warming Computer Mouse


For the person who ALWAYS ends up with one icy hand working at the computer.


Below a conceptual prototype of a computer mouse, named the PALM.PILLOW, that warms the bottom of the hand, on a scale of 1-3, with the fingers naturally extended, conducive to proper blood circulation.  Each finger has its own grove to rest in, with the pointer acting as the primary left click, and the middle finger controlling the right click functions.

The mouse's shape directs the user's wrist to calmly engage doing away with crimped hands, like those used in Michael Jackson's Thriller dance.  


Next steps: Customization. Each user submits three (3) photos of their hand through a digital platform that assesses hand size generating a custom fit computer mouse.



Materials: Foam core, blue Crayola Model Magic

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